Canto al grito del emigrante en voz latina

“Canto al grito del emigrante”, es una coleccion de poemas originales en el idioma español con una temática historica sobre el origen y los acontecimientos que crearon la fundación de la lengua y la etnolinguistica Latino-Española. Nuestra meta literaria, cual es hoy presentada en esta obra colectiva, es el de intentar introducir la diversa cultura e historia de nuestro idioma y nuestros pueblos latinos.


Africans In The Americas Our Journey Throughout The World

It's a historical account of African people and their imprint on the development of every society throughout history. It's significant contribution to the study of race, and race-relations, with a highly advanced input and scholarly impressive understanding for students of all ages. It examines Africa's participation in the development of China's first dynasty, Dravidian India, ancient Greek civilizations, and Europe's medieval economy.


Faith in the Field: A Historical Theological Perspective on Mental Health

Although mental illness has not been eradicated, the move to equate mental illness with a physical legitimate illness has resulted in greater understanding on many aspects as to the particular course of the disease. In spite of the difficulties that remain, mental health treatment has come a long way.