Songs to valentines: A song for love

Songs To Valentines A Song For Love (Poetry To Our Hearts) This collection of poetic thoughts is dedicated to lovers throughout the world. Sabas Hernan Whittaker, is currently working on his Ph.D.


tears of joy, peace, and harmony: While the fire burns within

Tears of Joy Peace and Harmony: While the Fire Within, Sabas Whittaker's new book of poetry, essays, and prayers is a spiritual invitation into the world of this multi-talented man. This collection of romantic poems, sermons, prayers and essays is carefully designed to guide us through those long, tiring, lonely days.


vestiges of a journey

Sabas Whittaker, uses his pen to find peace, harmony and spirituality within. As a former merchant marine and law enforcement officer, now a composer, artist, stage and screen playwright, lyricist and poet. Sabas is often using the craft of writing painting and music as a metaphor for the examined and unexamined life, and cultures, while venturing with wry wisdom into the slow dawning awareness of our evanescence.